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Bill Wall
Born in 1965, Bill Wall has been crafting designs in leather and jewelry since 1985, using only the finest leathers, precious metals and stones for an exclusive international clientele.
Raised and living in Malibu, California Wall's work is influenced by his varied interestes in both the ocean and mechanical design. Images such as waves and fishhooks, combined with his skill in mechanics, lead to beautiful designs that retain function and integrity. Wall is one of the few artists with the skill to carve his jewelry designs in metal (most use wax). All designs, testing, assembly and finishing is done in Malibu. To insure the highest quality and authenticity, Wall is always closely involved in all parts of the creative process. His lifestyle, and that of this friends, is the perfect testing ground for his creations. Among other trials, pieces must survive scuba diving, big game fishing, motorcycle trips, snowboarding and surfing. If a design can survive Zuma Beach shore break-it works! It is quite common for pieces to be inspected for 6 months for metal wear, clasp strength and overall durability. Only once these challenges are met, might a piece go forward into production.
Limited pieces are given serial number and hand signed certificates. Collectors of Bill Wall pieces know that his creations are meant to last a lifetime with the assurance of an artist who stands behind everything he creates.
Axl Rose, Nicolas Cage, Eric Clapton, Elizabeth Taylor, Christian Slater, Tyra Banks, Norika Fujiware, Liv Tyler, Laird Hamilton, Ozzy Osbornne, Ellijah Wood, AJ McLean are among those who own and treasure a small part of Bill Wall's talant and inspiration.

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